Me and my trusty Sony a7ii

Life is a strange journey. I’ve always enjoyed a good story, and I’ve had a taste for adventure, so I thought I would be a pilot crossing the world. Then, I realized that I wanted to help people out, which led me to consider a career in medicine.

But then, I discovered an affinity for good storytelling. I graduated college pursuing an English degree with an emphasis in creative writing, but as I searched for jobs, I realized I didn’t just want to write stories. I went back to school to expand on my abilities and with some encouragement from a sibling, I got into photography.

It turned out to be a blessing, especially during a difficult time. Photography has a way of telling stories without needing words. It holds memories placed in a single moment, evoking emotion and wonder in its composition. Through photography, I’ve met and created friendships with both models and photographers at meetups. Nowadays, I still attend meetups to network and do photogtaphy gigs like graduations, street, nature, and more. Through photography, I’ve found a way to both help people and tell a good story.

When I’m not photographing or working at my day job, I’m enjoying video games or taking a nice ride on a 2017 Harley-Davidson Dyna Street Bob (which, yes, is available for photoshoots!). Contact me for any photography job you may have! Let’s create!

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